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Founded in 1998, Staminus Communications provides industry-leading DDoS mitigation and secured hosting services to users and companies around the globe. As the oldest DDoS mitigation firm around, Staminus has evolved into the world’s most advanced DDoS mitigation company.

Staminus’ flagship DDoS mitigation application, SecurePort was developed over several years and was first released for internal use in 2002, primarily to protect the Company’s hosting clients. SecurePort began gaining traction and recognition in the DDoS defense industry in 2007. Powered by years of industry research, independent design, and the efforts of Matt Mahvi and co-founder Arad Mahdavi, SecurePort has emerged as the most-effective DDoS mitigation technology available on the market.


The most experienced DDoS provider and solution on the market.
Fully customizable plans for every business model.

At its core, Staminus is powered by its employees. Each member of the Staminus team is selected based on both their understanding of modern security technology, and their ability to build and contribute to a tight-knit, focused, and committed team of experts.

“We hire based on personality and willingness to learn. Our people are tough, relentless, and enthusiastic; our work environment is demanding. Most of our people are highly technical and passionate about networks, infrastructure and security. At Staminus, they can excel and utilize their skills to help our highly valued and appreciated partners and customers.”

At the end of the day, Staminus’ top-of-the-line technology and driven community make it the best mitigation provider around. Powered by a vast array of technologies and a committed, driven staff, Staminus continues in its mission to grow and offer the best possible service available.

Staminus works with some of the best companies that improve society’s understanding and use of technology on a day to day basis. We’re proud to build alongside them.

You can learn more about Staminus’ partners on our Partners page here. See a partner you already work with? Ask them how to get protection from DDoS today!

Anycast Global Network

Eliminating the threat to your business as close to its source is paramount when mitigating attacks. Staminus accomplishes this by placing mitigation PoPs in key aggregation points in the US and abroad. This distribution allows us to mitigate the largest of DDoS amplification attacks while also providing our clients the lowest latency possible.

Proprietary Mitigation Technology

Unique in the industry, Staminus offers a seamless integration between the cloud and local appliance for the best hybrid solution on the market. We have spent over a decade developing our own DDoS mitigation technology and we are free of the restrictions of expensive third-party hardware. Let Staminus help define and implement your perfect mitigation plan.

A Company Policy of Assurance

Your business can’t afford to go offline, ever! That’s why Staminus has designed a fully global redundant network, staff DDoS experts 24/7, and offer the best SLA in the industry.

Stopping DDoS in its tracks

Powered by an ever-expanding global network dedicated to DDoS mitigation and multiple patent-pending mitigation technologies, Staminus helps enterprises, ISPs, small and medium businesses, financial institutions, and even casual gamers protect their services’ availability from DDoS attacks.

With over a decade of constant development, Staminus’ protection outshines other mitigation solutions in performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability. Mitigating tens of thousands of attacks per week, for thousands of customers and clients from over 100 countries, all industries choose Staminus to safeguard their mission-critical services.

The Staminus Promise

Staminus promises the best Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement in the industry. If you are having any problems or would like to make changes to your account, we encourage you to contact us. You can call us or open a ticket in the client panel so that our team can give you the quality support that you deserve.
4695 MacArthur Court, 11th Floor
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
Toll Free Domestic 1-866-323-8306
Domestic/International +1-949-202-5305

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