What is DrDoS attacks?


DrDoS which stands for Distributed Reflection Denial of Service attacks and the means to block the attacks, is a reflection of distributed services and disabling the target system connected to a network or the network is even.

DDoS attacks are a feature of stuff is that after a period of time lose their power and ways to prevent it spreading .may be effective in some cases but not power of his previous But some experts believe that DrDoS attacks started about 10 years ago and one of the oldest obstruction of service attacks are however not seen any sign of it does not become obsolete in recent years have boom and more interestingly largest cyber attacks century occurred with this method, anti-spam company website Spamhaus is active in the field of heavy DrDoS was attacked about 300 GBps estimated that the volume became The attack speed slow in parts of Europe and North America, such attacks require significant resources to be!

The main characteristic of this method is to reflect and reinforce power.


This is to reflect the characteristics of the attack Atkr (who does attack) fake requests to the server sends the request of the fake IP uses the IP targets, so the server application response IP target sends the request because he thinks if Grfth.arsal response from the server to the IP of the IP creates targeted traffic, and since it is not a server Atkr for the attack, but of hundreds or thousands of servers using the volume of traffic to a considerable extent will increase the traffic to slow down and eventually a network disruption and downtime will be complete.
Each server that is providing the service is based on UDP protocol is potentially a reflection!
Spoofing means deceit or misrepresentation in an attack strength is the most important basics. Attack with an answer without asking the target IP.


The second characteristic is its remarkable power DrDoS reflection attacks, the number of bytes sent from the server to the IP response than bytes send a request to the server, so a small DNS request (60 bytes) can be a great response to 3000 bytes have.

In other words, this is an attack boost! Strength (as a response to the request) is what makes it dangerous attack of DDoS attacks Let account!
Attacks in the size of 100 MBps using multiple servers based on UDP is not difficult and can be done easily, but this attack for many of networks and servers that have the firewall will be very dangerous .the intention attacks may be greater as the number of servers even Gbps their attacks!

One of the most popular servers that Yaztab role to play in DrDoS attacks are the DNS servers and DNS Server Atkr are always looking for those who can fake IP from their response to the disabled purpose .

SNMP service DrDoS is another reflection of the attacks because the host and the device connected to the network can reflect a little large request to have the target IP.
SNMP Application layer protocol that allows the transfer of management information between network elements are created and, in fact, part of the TCP / IP protocol is. This protocol is the ability to manage and find problems and solve them provides network administrators.

Servers and video games are also sometimes used to reflect, however, the new server does not match the old server had the weakness to any IP fake reply, and of course the size of the response was very high, and the appropriate reflecting the attack! Because the response to the target IP, data and statistics player game and such information.

But how do we harness DrDoS attacks?
You may inhibit these attacks unless your data center able to stop the attack Bashd.mhar heavy attacks and data center costs that are able to inhibit the high volume of these attacks are presented with DDoS Protected!

Source: DDoS Blog

How do you stop a DDoS attack?

The answer is filtering. While DDoS attacks can occur rapidly and stay strong for hours, sometimes days at a time, the process of filtering the traffic is a bit more like bouncing incoming traffic into a holding pattern and allowing the legitimate customers through. What most DDoS protection providers offer is referred to as a clean pipes solution, which pushes incoming traffic through “scrubbing centers”. The scrubbing action of the mitigation puts the incoming traffic through filters that identify whether it is a bot or a real user based off of things like the IP address, browser cookies, and http headers, which essentially boils down to looking for the hallmarks of someone actively going to a website. Some attacks are capable of working around this at first blush, but good DDoS protection should include monitoring of both the traffic features and the volume. This can be accomplished by both software and hardware solutions.

Hardware solutions are increasingly an important option for industries like banking and hosting, where the possibility of a DDoS attack causing network problems can mean multiple clients being cut off from their businesses or income. The reason for this is that hardware solutions are directly in front of incoming traffic by being connected to the protected servers, with the fastest response times so that service is seamlessly kept up.

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