Advanced Persistent DoS-APDoS

An APDoS is more likely to be perpetrated by “advanced threat actors” who are well resourced, exceptionally skilled and have access to substantial commercial grade computer resources and capacity. APDoS attacks represent a clear and emerging threat needing specialised Monitoring and Incident Response services and the defensive capabilities of specialised DDoS mitigation service providers. This […]

DDoS Attacks Rise As Smart Devices Offer An Opportunity For Hackers

The size and volume of distributed denial of service -DDoS attacks have quadrupled in the past year as hackers take advantage of mobile devices. The proliferation of devices has provided cyber wrongdoers with new avenues of attack, Tech Week Europe reports. New research from cloud services provider Akamai has found that the total number of […]

Black Lotus protects your network against DDoS attacks

Network under attack? Black Lotus protects entire BGP networks through rapid provisioning of DDoS mitigation service on a global terabit-scale network. Networks Black Lotus makes it easy to deploy carrier grade DDoS protection to any BGP network, anywhere in the world. Service providers and enterprises connect to Black Lotus through GRE tunnels, physical cross connections, […]