New amplification methods : RIP AND PORTMAP

To catch up on the latest amplification methods I decided to write this post to give a short review for them.

RIP amplification method is a shortcutNew amplification methods : RIP AND PORTMAP for the Routing Information Protocol which is a UDP service working on port 520. Its amplification rate is pretty decent at about 55X with a low number of reflectors. While you can get much more bandwidth with other amplification methods such as NTP and DNS, RIP’s main advantage would be that it’s a new amplification method, therefore not filtered by most serves providers.

Portmap amplification method, which is a shortcut for Port Mapper, is a UDP service which is working on port 111. Its amplification rate is very low and stands at 20X. It has a large number of possible reflectors with a response size of about 500. Same as RIP, since it’s a new amplification method it’s not yet filtered by large internet providers, therefore a good method for protected servers.

A guide on how to filter or block floods from each of these amplification methods will be released soon in order to protect your servers against booters and ip stressers.


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