The 5000 Pound iPhone: Your Smart Car

Everyone wants to be the new next best thing.  We hear quite often about the “iPhone killer”, but that has not occurred to date.  There is also an understanding that all new technology comes with security risks (which is how so many devices end up as DDoS sources).  So it’s becoming real interesting to watch the automotive industry try to be the next technical wonder from a non-mechanical perspective, and launch the smart car.

For a number of years now, cars have been parking themselves, warning when you are going to back into something, and moving up to full-blown entertainment systems.  However, now they want to be your wireless access point!  While that sounds cool, we must also keep in mind that what goes out can also come in.  A connection to the Internet is a connection to the Internet.  While a connected home computer, once compromised, can be used to launch DDoS attacks, perform key logging in order to compromise other accounts, and steal your identity, (each of which can be devastating) that usually won’t kill us.  But what about when an automobile gets hacked?

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