Top & The best betting website hosting

If you want to host a gambling affiliate website, or even run your own online sports-betting, poker, casino or lotto service, you’ll need an Web Hosting Services.

Also, do not rule out the United Kingdom for gambling-related hosting. The UK is a stable European jurisdiction, with well-established laws that favor gaming, and has fast access to the internet backbone!


Gambling Site Hosting offers high-end shared hosting plans and lots of cost-free bonuses, which will help you create your site very quickly. We have a proprietary web hosting Control Panel called Hepsia and our tests have demonstrated that it is at least three times faster than other hosting Control Panels. You can always rely on our 24/7 help desk team whose members will get back to you in no more than twenty minutes.

 Web hosting is a key aspect of any global business today. Hosting in the right location can be just as important as choosing an offshore jurisdiction for incorporation or banking.

Genius Guard offer highly professional DDoS protected gambling hosting packages.

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