Webair CTO Presents Multi-Layer DDoS Mitigation Strategies

In a recent presentation to LinuxCon attendees, Webair CTO Sagi Brody and Senior Infrastructure Engineer Logan Best discussed the current dynamics of DDoS attacks and mitigation methods, and we’re pleased to have been included and provide some statistics for them. Beginning from the target server all the way to 3rd party protection, Brody describes ways that they protect their customers, and how others can look to replicate the results. It also gives a great structure to how the different methods of mitigation are divided, and where the best-known vendors fall into that structure. Pros and cons are offered for each as well as valuable insight into what works well and what doesn’t.

The noise of cybersecurity news has a tendency to cloud the methods of solving problems like DDoS. Attention is paid to the attack, to the destruction, to the annoyance, and to the fear, but so very rarely to giving an honest and complete answer of how it can or was fixed. It’s always refreshing to see an industry professional be frank with their peers, and show what is the smart answer for their own team, and how that relates to others. Evaluation of what’s helpful and what isn’t is the kind of scope every aspect of security needs from time to time.

Working with smart companies is one of the best aspects of business relationships. Developing technology that works better on both the client and vendor side is something that should be encouraged, and the opportunity to learn with experienced technical teams like Webair has been great for not only the LinuxCon crowd, but has been for our services as well as theirs.

You can check out the entirety of Brody’s slideshow here for all of the details. To learn more about Webair and their managed services, check out their website.

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